The Slack Family – Justin, Heather, Caroline and Turner

We moved our family of four from the Seattle area to Harrington in August 2014 looking for a smaller, quieter community to raise our family in. We had family connections in Harrington and enjoyed the time we had spent in Harrington throughout the years so we had a fairly good idea of what were getting into.

In October/ November 2016 we purchased the old Post Office building and slowly began to renovate and restore the structure.

Our plan was to renovate the building in two phases:

First, the coffee shop and second, an office space for Justin to work out of. We worked hard from May to October of 2017 and were able to officially open the coffee shop for business the first week of October.

After taking the winter off, in May 2018, we began work on the office space in the rear of the building. We were able to create shared office space for up to five people plus a private conference room.

We enjoy life in Harrington and feel so blessed to be raising our kids in this small rural community. Running The Post & Office has allowed us to build connections with many local people and offer a gathering space for the community. We love sharing our space with friends meeting for coffee as well as travelers passing through town.


To provide our customers with an inviting and comfortable space that encourages community connection while offering locally roasted coffee and friendly faces!


Our vision is to support a small but vibrant business district in Harrington. We hope that we can inspire others to take the chance and invest in Harrington!